30 december 2016

Protocol Freefly

People familiar with skydiving and freeflying especially are now probably wondering why there are four team members while a freefly team normally consists of only three people.

We have a good reason for that: the four of us are all in the military, which benefits our team in many ways (especially communication and discipline). However, our work can be very unpredictable at times. Our work can demand that we have to leave for a mission abroad on a very short notice. In such case, the team would not be able to train or perform for several months, which would of course be a shame (especially if there is an important competition!).

Therefore, we have decided to expand our team with a fourth member, adding more flexibility and better sustainability to the team.

If you want to gain some coaching from the boys of Protocol, please surf to their website: http://www.protocolfreefly.nl/